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L'Empresa: Clean Tech Dolo Group S.L

L'Empresa: Clean Tech Dolo Group S.L

Clean Tech Dolo Group SL is an R+D company, currently located in Sant Joan de les Abadesses (Girona, Spain), but its emphasis is clearly international. We concentrate on developing R&D solutions for energy savings and responsible water management. We are involved in:  water recycling, atmospheric water collection and clean energy systems... Our aim is to take care of the most valuable resources our planet has to offer: WATER & RENEWABLE ENERGIES.

Clean Tech Dolo Group was recognised as an R+D company in 2008, with the advent of its KWD product, a highly efficient and effective waste water recycling system. After obtaining very good results with the prototype, it was successfully fielded at a few sites. Notably, Notably, the installation at the Campdevanol hospital is showing a 50% savings in its total water intake. This product has received various awards: Premis Creatic in Mataró in 2008, CTI Vienna was the highlight for 2010.

In 2010, it’s HYDROMACH DOLO’s turn, an atmospheric water collection system. With a production plant, it is capable of supplying a large city. Alternatively, in the case of an emergency, a smaller field deployable unit (HED) can be used. This system has been successfully tested as a prototype, and is now in full production. As demonstrated by winning several international awards, it is our flagship product: Best Clean Tech Product in Spain for 2010, special mention in Global Clean Tech Open (2010 Sillicon Valley, California), Innovact in Reims, France (2010, 2011), ESA in Stuttgart for 2010, Watervent in Dubai 2013, amongst others.

Finally, we have the RPD, a system designed to take advantage of the excess energy from moving automotive traffic. Both low and high speed versions are being studied.   Even though the system is still on the drawing board, it has already received its first recognition in 2012 at Horsens in Denmark.

Since its creation, in parallel with all of theses products, DOLO GROUP has offered a resource management system for companies and organizations wishing to increase their efficiency and reduce their energy costs.

DOLO GROUP is an expert in applications using ozone. This was well demonstrated  in 2008 when GROUP DOLO removed the residual environmental toxicity in the INEM building, following a fire.