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Hidromach Emergency Dolo (HED)

Hidromach Emergency Dolo (HED)


International Patent

Hidromach Emergency Dolo (HED) is an atmospheric water autonomously generator by a 40food container to produce 6.800 l. (50% humidity, 25º average) of water in any place with difficult situations. It can operate in earthquakes, hurricanes, wars..., because it is provided with several security mechanisms and it weighs under 20 tones (it can be transported by helicopter).
This production of water not depending of to be near of seas (like deslination plants), we only need humidity, because we transforms this humidity air in water for drinking, for wattering, for Industry... or whatever you want. Our water (by condensation) is potable water by an accurate mineralizing system (with the special characteristics the customer asks) with the most efficient and effective process and low power.
When HE arrives at the place, it displays itself automatically by remote (it makes it perfect for emergency situations or punctual droghts). We can sell another container too, with fotovoltaic energy displayed automatically too, with batteries to secure starting the operation, and its operation till 48h without sun. This fact define trhee differents models:

HE BASIC: only the container to produce water
HE PREMIUM: with the fotovoltaic container without batteries
HE EXCELLENCE: with fotovoltaic container and the batteries


Our water is potable and it can be used by drinking and watering, desalination water is not available for drinking or watering due to theirs characteristics
We can install it in any place, some competitors need to be near of the sea
With our weigh and middle, we can arrive to any place and cover the water need in the middle of the destruction
Our system doesn’t generate waste, and respect the environment


AGRICULTURE (by greenhouses)
NGOs (for disasters, little populations...)
GOVERNMENTS (to distribute water among habitants of little towns)
INDUSTRY (to wash, actions to produce by water...)