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Kit Water Doló (KWD)

Kit Water Doló (KWD)



International patent granted without restrictions

KKit Water Dolo is an innovative product to recycle grey water with different uses: industry, hotels, hospitals, and homes... It harvest water from shower, bath or sinks and it diverts it to the toilet cistern, but after that it is filtered and disinfected too.  

KWD lets more than 50% of saving water (this was tested in the Campdevànol Hospital, Catalonia, Spain, among others), in addition to this, the toilet is always disinfected  without abrasive or highly polluting products, and it can, if you wanted, install a tap to reuse ozoned grey waters to water plants or to wash. In the industry, there are too many options for saving water until to 80%: the KWD technicians will be pleasured to study the best form for covering the special needs of the company, before giving the budget. It’s important too, remembering ozone is a disinfectant 1.500 more powerfull than bleach, without adding consumables and respecting the environment: the laundry is using ozone nowadayas for the great advantages (low energy costs, reduces water consume, saves detergent, and garment holds out longer time). We are expert in it, please ask us about it.


1.    It doesn’t occupy useful space
2.    It is the most efficient of the market for its low energy consume
3.    Ecological (there is no consumables, the ozone disinfects respecting environment, it doesn’t pollute, it doesn’t create waste
4.    It is compatible with other building’s domotic systems


-    It has got a self-cleaning filter
-    It has got a satellite breakdowns control to speed the action and reaction of the technician service, at the first sign

-    Once a year time the technician will go to the building for doing the routine general maintenance 


The system is connected to the drain and it starts when the grey waters arrive from the different intakes connected, the waste water won’t go down to the sewerage,  it will be useful again: it diverts to an speck and after that, for a purifying system (disposal, odor removal, and colour modification), all of them returns to the water its purity and it improves some original characteristics by the ozone effect. A pump diverts this water to a harvesting tank where it is treated by ozone continuously, and finally funneled by gravity til the toilet cistern. The disinfectant ozone effect is good for the pipes too, neutralizing the odors of them.
The mecanism is provided with antilock security systems for securing the water supplying and evacuation in breakdown case. The system’s electronics mecanisms alert to the maintenance service directly by GSM.  


1.    HOTELS, HOSPITALS, ASSISTED HOMES... KWD has been already installed in a hospital with succeed,  overcoming the health problems. The building’s structure  is the same for the hospital, the hotel and the assisted homes: we save waste water by the shower, bath and/or sinck and we divert it to the toilet cistern, with the possibility to the reuse other water uses like dishwasher, washing rmachine, or a garden tap...). The amortization of this product in these applications are so interesting (2 or 3 years), that’s why the annual water consume is too much higher, and reducing this consume is  so beneficial; in addition, we train the own building’s maintenance service to do the general maintenance of the product with less external costs.

6.    INDUSTRIY AND AGRICULTURE. We have been doing several studies in different companies to save and reuse part of the water they need for their activity: washer companies, supermarkets, production systems by water, greenhouses...

7.    HOUSEHOLD: for the neighbours community (one kwd for several homes gives more profitability with the same efficiency); or for detached homes.

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